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Best 10-minute, daily tech podcast on emerging technologies, hundreds of Silicon Valley CEOs, Influencers and Celebrities. Hosted by technology executive and creator of Coruzant Technologies.
Quantum Physicist Pursuing her Dreams with Insatiable Curiosity with Professor and TED Fellow Shohini Ghose | Ep 570November 22, 2022 Episode artwork Big Brand Marketing Executive Transitions into Health and Wellness as CEO with Executive Nancy Chan | Ep 569November 17, 2022 Episode artwork Providing Transformational Solutions to Operational Leaders by Using AI with CEO Avinash Misra | Ep 568November 15, 2022 Episode artwork Solving Problems with Design and Bringing Value to His Customers with Founder Jay Chang | Ep 567November 10, 2022 Episode artwork Tech Leader Bringing M2M Communication Solutions to His Customers with Executive Justin Warren | Ep 566November 07, 2022 Episode artwork Young Entrepreneur Finds Early Success in Marketing as an Influencer with Founder Catalina Valentino | Ep 565November 06, 2022 Episode artwork Transformational Leader Bringing Impactful Change to Wall Street with Executive Dwight Harris Jr. | Ep 564November 04, 2022 Episode artwork Marketing Exec and Influencer Shares How to Build Brand Awareness Through Winning Awards with CMO Tiffani Neilson | Ep 563November 02, 2022 Episode artwork FinTech and Operations Executive Bringing New Perspectives to Hospitality with COO David Weiss | Ep 562November 01, 2022 Episode artwork From the Trenches to the C Suite Bringing the Best Possible Customer Experience with Executive Jonathan Shroyer | Ep 561October 30, 2022 Episode artwork Creator and Influencer Bringing Better Health to People Through Meditation with Founder Tesha Jie | Ep 560October 29, 2022 Episode artwork Entrepreneur and Educator Developing Innovative Web3 Technology for Companies with CEO Bryan Ritchie | Ep 559October 28, 2022 Episode artwork Musician Creates Innovative Piano Tablature Model to Learn Music Bringing Joy to the World with CEO Sean Campbell | Ep 558October 26, 2022 Episode artwork Problem Solver and Marketing Executive Brings Better Health Using Tech with CEO Brian Quigley | Ep 557October 19, 2022 Episode artwork Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Guru Finds Success in Creator Marketing with Founder Trevor Mengel | Ep 556October 17, 2022 Episode artwork Entrepreneur Leveraging Web3 Technologies to Help Other Entrepreneurs with Founder Connor Borrego | Ep 555October 12, 2022 Episode artwork General Manager Bringing Innovative Solutions to His Customers Across North America with Executive Jess Warrington | Ep 554September 30, 2022 Episode artwork Serial Entrepreneur Helping Other Founders with Exit Strategies with President Tim Mueller | Ep 553September 28, 2022 Episode artwork Software Engineer's Lifelong Passion of Solving Problems and Building Solutions with Executive Zack Butcher | Ep 552September 27, 2022 Episode artwork Podcast Personality and Speaker Shows Us How to Be Successful in the Virtual Events Space with CMO Tiffani Neilson | Ep 551September 22, 2022 Episode artwork Healthcare Provider Turned Entrepreneur Mentoring and Inspiring Others with Founder Rodeline Joseph | Ep 550September 21, 2022 Episode artwork Leveraging Technology to Provide Fresh Food Longer While Keeping Food Waste Low with Chairman Richard Lackey | Ep 549September 20, 2022 Episode artwork Using Intelligent Automation to Build the World's Largest Smart Bot Workforce with CEO Alex Zekoff | Ep 548September 19, 2022 Episode artwork From Europe to the U.S. Transforming the Insurance Industry with Founder Adrian Dzielnicki | Ep 547September 18, 2022 Episode artwork Creating Meaningful and Sustainable Transformation While Delighting the Customer with Founder Mark Samuel | Ep 546September 17, 2022 Episode artwork